Tequila Marinated Steak Fajitas


First juice 2 limes. 

Roll them around to get them nice and soft. This breaks up the pulp and yields more juice.

mo’ juice mo’ better.

We need about a 1/4 cup worth of juice to start the marinade.

Smash 8 cloves of garlic

Then dice nice and fine.

Toss garlic in the marinade.


prep 1/4 cup of Tequila…

…as many times as needed.

Eventual add to marinade.

Ready Soy sauce.

Deploy one table spoon of soy sauce into marinade.

Halve Jalopeanos

Prepare to dice.

Scoop out seeds for less spice.

Execute dicing!

Add results to marinade.

Wrestle with Cilantro.

Add to marinade and its done.

Pour into a gallon sized baggy containing 2 pounds of skirt steak.


And refrigerate fpr at least 2 hours longer of possible for ultimate flavor and color when cooking.


About 30 minutes from dinner start rice.

Set up 2 cups of your favorite animal broth and 1 cup of favorite grain.

A Korean style rice is used here but this could be a great way to introduce some Quinoa or barley into the meal.

Wash Starch from rice.

Water should run clear after several drainings.

Add salt to water for taste. Suggest about a teaspoon per serving.

Bring broth to a boil.

add rice and return to a boil.

once moving rapidly low temp to a simmer and cover.

Use the back left burner. In most cases it will be the lowest flame.

Simmer for About 25 minutes or until rice had absorbed all the water.

When finished add a table spoon of olive oil and a handful of chopped cilantro while it rests.


Gather the guilty:

Lots of Tomatoes

5 cloves of garlic

a medium onion

and your choice of peppers


Toss onto a mass grave.


You are the destroyer of worlds. All cower under your shadow!

add some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Watch the pits!

Pepper and onions

kill more veggie fiber in sight of the massacre

washed in the blood of those that fell before them.

Continue to laugh maniacally.

then toss into a smoking cast iron skillet.

cook until black!

The reason we have gathered here today

Into another smoldering skillet …

toss marinated skirt steak.

while meat cooks prepare plates with:

flour tortillas (For moist tortillas microwave in wet paper towel for 15 to 30 seconds.)

the charred peppers and onions


and rice.

this steak was coddled…

I would have rather it came out more caramelized. my skillet wasn’t hot enough. Make it hot so hot things scream when they touch it.

Regardless the finished product was thoroughly enjoyed.